Another iPhone 4 Problem: "Can You Hear Me Now?"--WHAT?

If microphone is covered, user's voice cannot be heard. How will Apple respond?

After Steve Jobs announced today that Apple would provide iPhone 4 owners with "rubber baby buggy bumpers" to alleviate signal attenuation problems with the device, reports from users say that there is another issue with the phone's design.

It turns out that if you hold the phone a certain way, covering the microphone with one of your fingers, the person you're calling can't hear you.

Consumer Reports confirmed this after doing testing of its own. Spokesperson Myron Dullard said that he put his finger over the microphone while trying to make a phone call, and found that the recipient could not hear him. He told us this during a phone call he had to make several times before we could understand what he was saying.

One protesting user, a Beav Stallmer from Redmond WA, who was behind the rash of complaints about the new iPhone's antenna, is leading the group protesting Apple's bad design, bad attitude, and lack of concern for users. "I am so disappointed in this new iPhone, it's really bad," he told reporters. "If only I had bought one of those Kin phones, that would have been so much better. It's a shame they discontinued that. Damn, I really want one. I wonder if this will encourage Microsoft to bring that phone back..." Stallmer was interrupted from his rant when he got a call on his HP Windows Mobile phone that he wasn't able to answer because he kept disconnecting himself.

Apple has not yet responded to these new complaints about the iPhone 4's badly designed microphone that will not let your voice be heard if you cover it up. A report that Apple was telling users experiencing this problem to cut off their fingers to prevent accidentally blocking the microphone was dismissed by Steve Jobs as "a crock".